St Philips Stone can provide Mediators of varying degrees of experience in order to meet requirements and budget.

Mediator's fees for mediation depend on the value of the claim for quantified claims. All mediation fees are calculated on the basis of a base fee per party for the day of the mediation (10am to 6pm) and an additional hourly rate per party for time that goes beyond the mediation day. The fee also includes up to 5 hours preparation, in the unlikely event that the mediator requires longer than 5 hours preparation time the parties will be informed and rates can be discussed.

All fees are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

Valuation of Claim     Base Fees     Hourly Rates

Up to £50,000              £500-£850          £50-£125
Up to £100,000            £750-£1250        £75-£150
Up to £250,000            £1000-£1500      £100-£175
Up to £500,000            £1250-£1750      £125-£200
Up to £1,000,000         £1750-£2000      £200-£250
Above £1,000,000        £2000-£2500      £225-£250

The fees for unquantified claims are agreed on a case by case basis with the St Philips Stone clerks.

Mediators at St Philips Stone are willing to travel nationally and internationally and expenses for such mediations will be considered on a case by case basis. Should travel expenses be charged please note that travelling time will not be, any expenses will be on cost basis only.

Mediation Fee Structure

In order to assist the decision making process when considering appointing one of our mediators, St Philips Stone has a set fee structure, detailing the range of fees that our mediators charge for quantifiable cases. This provides options for us to supply mediators of differing expertise to fit in with the budgets allowed for mediation. For a detailed breakdown of the fee structure for appointing a mediator or early resolution neutral please follow the link below.

> St Philips Stone Mediation Fee Structure

> St Philips Stone Mediation Agreement


If a St Philips Stone mediator is appointed then the use of a mediation suite at our Birmingham, London or Leeds sites will be included free of charge.

A mediation suite comprises a main meeting room with and two break out rooms. Where there are more than two parties, please contact the clerks. Disabled access is easily arranged. Wifi and printing facilities are included and video conferencing facilities can be arranged if required.

Our mediation suites are also available for commercial hire at a cost of £250 plus VAT per room per day. Refreshments are included and lunch can be arranged.

To appoint a St Philips Stone Mediator or an Early Resolution Neutral, please contact our clerks:

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Birmingham | Tel: 0121 246 7010
London | Tel: 020 7440 6900
Leeds | Tel: 0113 244 6691
Singapore | Tel: +65 6808 6161